Mast Portable Buildings - "A Better Building for a Better Price"

Rent-to-own Program 

This program will cost you quite a bit more in the long run than buying the same building with cash. 

Why rent-to-own a portable building?
-no credit check
-no opening loan fees 
-storage will be secure in your back yard.
-actual cost of using our rent-to-own program can be 
mathematically proved to be less than renting some mini-storage units.
How does Rent-to-Own work?
The rental program is set up as a rental agreement and does not operate like a financing company. You simply rent the building for 36 months and then you own it. That simple.
There are no early pay off fees. Which means that you only pay extra rent money on the monthly rental payment. The sooner you pay the balance in full the more you save.
You will need to read and sign a contract before delivery and pay opening payments.
Contact your dealer.


Not all options are available with rent-to-own.
Examples: buildings that need to built on site
ramps and some other options may need to be paid for up front 
 Some larger buildings may need to be pre-approved.
Why rent if you can rent-to-own ?